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We encourage interested parties to ask questions. Please allow time for our response. All firearms are stored at a remote, secured location and viewing is only available from 10AM to 5PM Monday through Friday only.  The storage facility is closed on weekends.

Photo Rights

Use of photos found on the eWantIt.com website is allowed for non-commercial use only with credit given to Liberty Estate Services, LLC.   


If you wish to purchase any firearm, please contact us via email or call us at 

616-799-7581.  We will respond to your e-mail or call you if you wish to provide us with your contact information.  Most of our appraisals are done off-site, so please be patient if we do not call back until the evening.  


We use USPS as our shipping carriers.  Standard price for sending handguns is $25 and rifles is $75 and up.  Alaska and Hawaii will require higher postage costs and time to destination.


Shipping price includes insurance up to $5000.  If additional insurance is required, other options are available.  


Any purchased firearm can be picked up in person ONLY if the firearm is legally defined as an "antique" or the buyer is a Michigan resident legally eligible to purchase firearms in Michigan.


For purchase of vintage or modern firearms, we use a licensed FFL gun dealer in Michigan.  All State and Federal laws are strictly followed, so be aware of your State laws.  Firearms will be shipped FFL to FFL (unless the uncommon cartridge firearm was made in or before 1898).  


Our preferred method of payment is cashier's check or money order.   Other options may be available.


Buyer is allowed a 3-day inspection period.  Returns must be approved by the seller.  Any alterations to the condition and/or value of the firearm will be either deducted from the price paid by the buyer at the seller's discretion or completely rejected for return.  

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